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Business School was not only a sticker shock but also a learning shock. So much to learn and I was constantly busy and always wished I could keep up with the best reads of the week. During bSchool I had no time to read anything outside of classes. Since I was so used to spending so much time reading bSchool cases I wanted to maintain that habit — one that has lasted till date with me reading about 4+ hours a day). Back then I used to post interesting things to LinkedIn until a classmate suggested that I capture a few links and send an email. What started off 5+ years ago as an email to a few people, with a few curated links became a fully blown curation of weekly newsletter. Over the years that I have read and curated content I’ve tried to develop a unique writing style and aim to write a lot more long form.

What I write about:

  • I have the advantage of being a Silicon Valley Tech worker, with the experience in both engineering and product roles and a unique perspective on life itself given that I spent half my life in India and half my life here.

  • If you are a curious reader that is looking for nuanced insights into product,. tech, tech strategy, marketing, and life you will enjoy reading Dozen Worthy Reads

  • I aim for two formats depending on the week. One is a weekly curation of interesting tech links, news such as this recent edition. I also write more long form articles such as this one.

  • I post articles that I think would provide evergreen learning. In other words, the focus is on learning rather than "keeping up" with every possible news source as I describe in my article : The art of reading

  • I love learning and talking about technology, product, growth, technology trends, and strategy. 

  • I aim to publish every Wednesday. No spam!

You can read more about me on my website located here. If you’d like to connect in person or virtually send me a note via LinkedIn


Promeet Mansata